This website has been created to provide Sextons from all over the world with information on our family’s origins, our history, where and how we currently live and, basically, information on all things Sexton!

Where are the Sextons today?

The website has been set up by me, Michael Sexton, and I live in Cork City. Our particular branch of the Sextons are from Castlehaven in West Cork so much of what will appear on this website will focus on this branch of the Sextons but, in time, I also hope to provide information for Sextons whose origins are in other parts of Ireland. There are concentrations of Sextons elsewhere in Co. Cork – particularly in the Timoleague/Barryroe area and in the Donoghmore area and there are large numbers of Sextons in mid and west Clare, Limerick and Cavan (where the Ó Seasnáin name has occasionally been anglicised as Tackney). Smaller numbers of Sexton families can also be found in Tipperary, Tipperary, Waterford, north Kerry, Galway and not surprisingly in the cities of Cork, Dublin and Belfast (though these are almost certainly the descendants of Sextons who moved in from rural areas).

Well-known Sextons

There are lots of famous Irish Sextons – most famous of all is probably world rugby player of the year in 2018, Johnny Sexton, but we also count TDs (Irish members of parliament), American university presidents, British trade unionists and many others amongst our number.

If your name is Sexton, is this site for you?

This website is for people who are descendants of the Irish family of Sextons – the Ó Seasnáin clan (a sept or sub-clan of the Dalcassian clan of Uí Bhriain, descendants of Brian Ború). There are many other people living in England and the US who bear the name of Sexton and while we have nothing against these, I’m sure very fine, people (!!!), they are an entirely different family and take their name from the English language word for the occupation of a sexton or church sacristan. We take our name from the gaelic word ‘seasnán’ which was anglicised to Sexton and more rarely to Shasnan, Sisnane and Tackney.

If you live in the US or in Britain and you’re not sure which group you belong to, you will probably find a clue in your name and religion. If your grandfather’s first name is John or Patrick or Joseph or Timothy or Michael or Cornelius (Con) or Bartholemew (Bart) and you come from a Catholic heritage, then you are almost certainly one of us! If your grandfather’s first name is Howard or Spenser or Frederick or Benjamin or suchlike and you come from a Protestant heritage, then you are most likely one of ‘them’!!